Income for the D7 Portugal Visa: How Much Do You Need to Prove?

Income for the D7 Portugal Visa: How Much Do You Need to Prove?

Income for the D7 Portugal Visa: How Much Do You Need to Prove?
Income for the D7 Portugal Visa: How Much Do You Need to Prove?

The D7 Portugal Visa remains attractive and a good option for all Brazilians who wish to live legally in the European country. Therefore, it is important to know how to prove income for the day D7 Visa.

Do you want to know what this visa is and for whom it is intended, find out how much you need to prove income and how to obtain the D7 Visa for Portugal?

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What is the D7 Visa?

The D7 visa is a permit to live in Portugal, granted to people who have their own income in Brazil, and can use it to support themselves abroad.

As a way of encouraging and attracting people who already have a guaranteed monthly income, the D7 Visa contributes to the movement of the local economy.

In the D7 visa, Portugal recognizes the possibility of residence for retirees, pensioners, holders of their own and religious income.

Therefore, the aim covers several opportunities, as long as the fulfillment of the required requirements is proven, including the minimum annual amount, with the presentation of adequate documentation.

Who is This Visa For?

Each of its applications has its own characteristics. Discover them all Below:

Retirees and Pensioners

Retirees and pensioners with no age limit can apply for the D7 Portugal Visa. That is, age does not influence the choice of visa applicant. In addition, any type of pension is accepted as long as it is within the minimum amount required by the Portuguese government.

Own-income Holders in Brazil

Brazilian citizens living on income in Brazil can also apply for the D7 visa Portugal.

Income such as: rents, intellectual property, such as copyrights, financial investments and company profits and dividends are accepted. Always remembering that these must be within the minimum limit required to obtain the D7 Visa for Portugal.

Religious Activity

Little is said, but those who exercise religious activity in Brazil may be and entitled to acquire the D7 Visa to live in Portugal.

However, it is necessary that, specifically, they are ministers of the cult, or that they exercise professionally religious activity or else they are members of an institute of consecrated life.

Even so, their condition must be certified by the religious community to which they belong, duly recognized by the Portuguese legal system.

In any case, the religious person who is interested in the D7 Portugal Visa must follow the rules imposed by current legislation.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that, as a result of the pandemic, a new type of applicants for the D7 Visa application has recently emerged. This is the case of civil career servants who work from home. In this case, of course, proof of income would be the applicant's own salary.

Below we will take a quick look at how much it takes to prove income for the D7 Visa.

How Much is Needed to Prove Income for the D7 Visa?

The topic of proving income for the D7 Visa is one of the essential items for the process of obtaining the D7 Visa.

For those who are retired, it is necessary to attach proof of retirement to the request, as well as the guarantee of receipt or availability of other income in Portugal.

For those who live on income in Brazil, it is crucial to present financial proof of this income, whatever they are: financial investments and company profits and dividends, property rental, copyright, among other types of income.

To prove how much you receive monthly, it is worth attaching to the process to obtain the D7 Visa for Portugal, the latest paychecks and bank statements, for example. It is also necessary to show proof of pension or retirement, as well as a copy of the last income tax return.

Know that visa approval is not automatic. Therefore, the more resources you present to prove income for the D7 visa, the more chance you have a being successful in obtaining the visa.

How Much do I need to Have in the Bank to Apply for a Visa?

To apply for the D7 visa to Portugal, weather as a retiree, income holder or religious, the required amounts are the same.

To qualify for the request, the candidate must prove sufficient and available income in the bank to live in Portugal.

The amount to be presented for the visa varies according to the number of people in the household who will apply for the visa (number of people who are part of the family). The values are as follows:

Household & Value to Prove

1st adult (who request the visa):

  • 100% of the current minimum wage (€705 in 2022)

2nd adult:

  • 50% of the current minimum wage (€352.50 in 2022)

Every child or young person under the age of 18:

  • 30% of the current minimum wage (€211.50 in 2022)

For example, a couple must prove the minimum amount of €1057.50 retired per month (which will correspond to 150% of the Portuguese minimum wage in 2022).

However, a family consisting of a couple with a child must prove the minimum amount of €1269.00 per month.

Another practical case would be a family consisting of a couple, a child and a dependent adult. In this situation, the minimum amount to be proven would be €1621.50 per month (which corresponds to do 230% of the Portuguese minimum wage in 2022).

So, these are the minimum values for the Visa to be approved. Furthermore, the Portuguese Government requires the interested party to prove the minimum amount necessary for one year, available in a Portuguese bank account.

Continuity of Proof of Income from the D7 Portugal Visa

After the first year living in Portugal, it will be necessary to prove that the income continues to be replenished, so that the applicant can support himself for a minimum period of 1 year in Portugal.

This is because, once the temporary residence is approved by the Foreigners and Borders Service, it will be granted for 12 months, until it has to be renewed residence.

The residence permit is approved for 12 months, after the first renewal, it is confirmed every two years.

In short, Portugal remains an excellent gateway for Brazilians who wish to live in Europe on a D7 Visa.

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