Can Brazilian Retirees Work in Portugal? See the Rules

Can Brazilian Retirees Work in Portugal? See the Rules

Can Brazilian Retirees Work in Portugal? See the Rules
Can Brazilian Retirees Work in Portugal? See the Rules

An increasing number of Brazilians decide to move to Portugal after retirement, using the D7 visa, which allows them to live legally in the country and enjoy rights. But many of them question whether a Brazilian retiree can work in Portugal. We clarify this and other doubts in this article. You might be interested in article Portugal: Learn all About the Destination Country of Many Brazilians.

Can a Brazilian Retiree Live in Portugal?

Brazilian retirees can live in Portugal and there is a specific reason for this: the D7 visa. This visa is suitable for people who have their own income, which includes, in addition to retirees, those who receive income from financial investments or rentals, for example.

However, in order to obtain this visa, you must meet some requirements, the main one being proof of minimum income.

How to Apply for the D7 Visa?

The D7 visa application must be submitted while still in Brazil.

The applicant needs to gather all necessary documentation and pay the visa application fee. Next, you must forward proof of payment and documents for analysis by VFS Global.

The required documents needed to apply for the D7 visa are as follows;

  • Original and copy of valid passport;
  • Two recent and equal 3 x 4 photos;
  • Visa application form;
  • Criminal record certificate issued on the Federal Police website (the Hague Apostille must be included on the certificate);
  • Valid travel insurance (or PB4 instead);
  • An authorisation for the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) to consult your criminal record in Portugal;
  • Proof of retirement income and financial availability of the value in Portugal;
  • Confirmation of accommodation in Portugal (this can be the contract for the purchase or rental of a property, a hotel reservation or an invitation letter from a legal resident in the country).

After the documents are delivered, you must wait for the application analysis period. If approved, you will receive the visa, which will be placed in your passport. The average time for reviewing and approving Visa applications is 60 days.

D7 Visa Validity

It is important to clarify that the D7 visa is valid for 120 days. Therefore, this is the period you have to enter Portugal. As soon as you arrive in the country, you must schedule an appointment with the (SEF) (Foreigners and Borders Service) to apply for a residence permit. It is this document that allows you to live legally in Portugal.

On the day of the interview at the SEF, you must bring the same documentation used to apply for a visa and pay the fee corresponding to the application for the residence permit.

Then, just wait for the receipt of the residence permit, which will be sent to your address in Portugal.

How Much Do You Need to Prove?

The amount that must be proven in the visa application for retirees is proportional to the number of family members who will live in Portugal, taking into account the number of dependents of the person applying for the visa.

The proof must be made to the following extent:

  • 1st adult (visa applicant): 100% of the Portuguese minimum wage (705€).
  • 2nd adult: 50% of the Portuguese minimum wage (€352.50).
  • Each child or young person (under 18): 30% of the Portuguese minimum wage (€211.50).

It is required to prove the amount for the period of one year and the amount must be available in a Portuguese bank account.

See these two examples of proof of income: a couple without children will need to prove a monthly income of €1,057, for a total of €12,684 per year. With the current exchange rate for the euro at BRL 6.28, it is necessary to have a value of BRL 79,655.

A couple with a child will have to prove the monthly amount of €1,269, totalling €15,228 per year. At the current exchange rate, the value in euros is equivalent to BRL 95,631.

Please note that in 2021 the Portuguese minimum wages €665. However, in 2022 the value will be readjusted and, as of January 1, the minimum wage will be €705.

Quality of Life for Retirees in Portugal

Portugal is a country that offers a lot of quality of life for all its residents, not just for retirees.

But of course, whoever decides to move to the country to live the stage of life, after retirement, will certainly be able to enjoy even more of all the benefits of a high quality life.

If we analyse the life expectancy of the Portuguese, it is already possible to see how a life with well-being and tranquility makes a difference. According to the most current data, published by the National Statistics Institute in September 2021, the current life expectancy in the country is 81.06 years. It is 83.67 years for women and 78.07 years for men.

Security Index

This is certainly one of the pillars that most attract Brazilian citizens who decide to retire in Portugal, since security is one of the most important factors for a person to enjoy a peaceful, healthy and long life.

In recent years, Portugal has been considered one of the safest countries in the world and has been in the top positions of the world rankings that verify the safety index for some time. In 2021, the country is the 4th safest in the world to live in, according to data from the Global Peace Index.

The index is already very encouraging, and there is even more good news about security in Portugal. In 2020, according to data from the Annual Report on Homeland Security (RASI), crime has decreased in the country.

In large cities, which normally record the highest number of occurrences, there was a very considerable drop. In Porto, for example, crime dropped by 12.7%, while in Lisbon the drop reached 17.2%.

Good Health Services

Access to good public health services is another relevant aspects of quality of life for retirees in Portugal. The National Health System (SNS) is the country's public health system, considered quite efficient in meeting the population's needs.

The SNS has specific programs to meet the specific demands of elderly people, by encouraging measures that guarantee healthy and active aging, with guaranteed safety and well-being.

Can a Retiree Work in Portugal?

Yes, a Brazilian retiree who lives in Portugal is entitled to work in the country. He will be able to exercise his right after he has already attended the SEF and received his residence permit.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the possibility of being able to work in the country does not exempt the retiree from proving the minimum income required to obtain of visa.

Discover the 55+ Project

A good way to find opportunities to earn extra income in Portugal is to use the 55+ project platform. It was created to gather offers from service providers over 55 years old.

There are no job vacancies in the project. However, people over 55 who want to work with service provision can register and offer their work in any area.

On the website it is possible to find offers of varied services, such as: chef at home, sewing, gardening, cleaning, electricity, DIY, plumbing, monitoring of the elderly and children, varied class is an animal care.

Rules for Retirees to Work in Portugal

The most important rule is to pay attention to the fact that it is only possible to work after you have already received your residence permit.

Even if the authorisation request has been delivered to the SEF, it is necessary to wait for the document to arrive, which may even take a few months, depending on the body's demand.

When you have the residence permit in hand, the Brazilian retiree will be able to work in Portugal.

Jobs for Retirees in Portugal

Finding a job for retirees in Portugal may not be so easy, but it's not impossible either. It all depends on making a good search, besides, of course, your skills and professional aptitudes. If you want to work as a freelancer, you can use the 55+ project website.

If you are interested in looking for other job openings, as a hired employee, the ideal is to search on job search sites. In Portugal there are several platforms with professional offers, which were widely used by Portuguese companies to hire employees.

Many retired Brazilians who have moved to Portugal have chosen to work on their own, mainly because of the freedom to work at the hours they choose. One of the most common examples and one that the work of the applications has attracted more TVDE transport, the drivers of such Uber and Bolt.

Looking for a job in the tourism field can also be an excellent idea for those who have taste and ability to contact the public. There are many offers, as Portugal is a country that receives a large tourist movement every year.

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