E9 Visa for Portugal Temporary Student (less than 12 months)

E9 Visa for Portugal Temporary Student (less than 12 months)

E9 Visa for Portugal Temporary Student (less than 12 months)
E9 Visa for Portugal Temporary Student (less than 12 months)

In this article, we will see the E9 Visa for Portugal, which is the temporary student visa in Portugal and is intended for people who wish to study in Portuguese territory for a period of less than 12 months.

Nowadays, studying in Portugal is the dream of many Brazilians who want to have an academic and personal experience outside the country. The quality of Portuguese Universities and the proximity of the language contribute to this desire.

If you are interested in the subject, come here to know the important details of how to get a temporary student visa in Portugal.

What is the Temporary Visa for Portugal?

The temporary visa for Portugal is the one designed for the interested party who will spend a period of up to one year in the country.

There are different types of visas for Portugal, depending on the duration of the intended stay. Firstly, there is the so-called tourist visa for Schengen visa, for stays of up to 90 days.

Fortunately, Brazilians do not need to apply and can enter Portugal for tourism purposes without a visa. Likewise, they do not need to apply for a so-called stop over visa.

But there are also long-term visas, for periods longer than one year. These visas are designed for those who wish to live in Portugal.

And, between these two modalities, there is the so-called temporary visa for Portugal. These types of visas are popularly known by the letter "E", followed by a specific number.

Each of these temporary stay visas has its particularities and requirements. Here we will specifically deal with the temporary student visa in Portugal.

What is the E9 Visa for Temporary Student in Portugal?

The E9 Visa for Portugal is aimed at those who intend to attend the course in an educational or professional training establishment, for a period of up to 12 months.

Law 23/2007 itself does not provide extensive details and requirements to be observed for the wizard described here, and the applicant must always observe the provisions of the Regulations linked to the Law and their own specific case.

Who Can Apply for the E9 Visa for Portugal?

The temporary student visa in Portugal can be applied for by all those who intend to study in the country as long as they do not have Portuguese nationality or from any other country in the European Union.

If you already have Portuguese nationality, it is not necessary to apply for a visa to study in the country.

The main requirement to apply for a visa is to have been accepted or approved in a higher education institution of professional training course in Portugal. The document that can prove this (letter of acceptance or proof of enrollment) is essential for applying for a visa.

What is the Difference Between the E9 Visa and the D4 Visa?

The D4 Visa, also called as study, internship and volunteer visa, is suitable for courses lasting from 12 months. Under this hypothesis, undergraduate, Master's and Doctoral courses are included, as well as exchanges of secondary education students; internship in volunteering.

What is the Duration of this Visa?

The E9 Visa for Portugal lasts between 3 months and 1 year, depending on student activities, research or courses.

This situation includes: study programs; exchange; unpaid professional internship; volunteering and course at an educational or vocational training institution.

How Does the E9 Visa Work in Practice?

The first step is to know that the authorization to study in Portugal is done in two stages: one and Brazil, and another already in Portugal.  In Brazil you will apply for a temporary student visa in Portugal, which will allow you to enter the country.

Then, once in Portugal, you must apply for a residence permit, so that you can stay studying in Portuguese lands.

In Brazil, the visa application must be forwarded to VFS global, a Visa Application Center responsible for processing visas (Consulate in Portugal no longer receive these applications since 2019).

VFS Global informs that the average period for analyzing visa applications is 60 days, after registration and forwarding of the application to the responsible consular post.

The E9 Visa for Portugal attached to your passport is valid for 4 months - this is the period you have to enter Portugal.

As soon as you arrive in the country, you must go to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) to apply for a residence permit for the same study justification with which the visa was granted.

If you need more detailed information regarding your case, we recommend Martin's & Oliveira Sociedade de Advogados.

What are the Documents for the E9 Visa?

Here is a very complete list for you to know exactly which documents are required to obtain a temporary student visa in Portugal:

  • Completed and signed visa application form;
  • 2 copies of the completed documents checklist;
  • 2 3 x 4 (photos same);
  • Passport (valid for at least 3 more months beyond the time of return);
  • Copy of passport (identification data page and used sheets);
  • Travel insurance (can be replaced by PB4-PT-BR/13);
  • Criminal record certificate issued by the Federal Police of Brazil in the last 30 days (with Hague Apostille to be valid in Portugal);
  • Request for consultation of the Portuguese criminal record by the SEF;
  • Copy of the ticket back to Brazil.

It is worth mentioning that, for students under the age of 16, the request for consultation of the Portuguese criminal record by the SEF and the Brazilian criminal record certificate are not required.

In addition to these documents, proof of admission to the university or employment contract for researchers are required, always according to the situation or type of study.

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