Portuguese Citizenship for a Child of Portuguese: How to Apply

Portuguese Citizenship for a Child of Portuguese: How to Apply

Portuguese Citizenship for a Child of Portuguese: How to Apply
Portuguese Citizenship for a Child of Portuguese: How to Apply

Portuguese Citizenship for a child of Portuguese is allowed, regardless of whether the applicant was born in Portugal and not.

This even occours if the nationality is transmitted from generation to generation, successively. Thus, it is possible to pass Portuguese citizenship on to a child along the hereditary chain, even if the last generations were born in Brazil and have no ties to Portugal.

So, if you are a great-grandson or grandson of a Portuguese, you will be able to have Portuguese citizenship for your child, after all.

In addition, if you acquired Portuguese citizenship by length of Residence in Portugal, or by marrying a Portuguese, you can also pass it on to your minor children.

Come with us to understand how this procedure works, what are the necessary documents and the most important information about Portuguese nationality for a child of Portuguese. Checkout this article Portuguese Citizenship: Complete Guide to Take in 2022.

Who is entitled to Portuguese, citizenship as a child of Portuguese?

In the first article of the Portuguese Nationality Law, we can already identify that the children of Portuguese people will also be considered Portuguese by origin.

The following are considered to be of Portuguese origin:

Children of a Portuguese mother or father who were born in Portugal;

Children of a Portuguese mother or Portuguese father who were born abroad but one of the parents is in the service of Portugal;

Children of a Portuguese mother or Portuguese father born abroad if they declare that they want to be Portuguese and if they have their birth registered in the Portuguese civil registry or if they declare that they want to be Portuguese.

Portuguese Citizenship for a Minor Child: What are the Rules?

The procedure for obtaining Portuguese citizenship for children is carried out through attribution. This is the formal name of the procedure, as there are other ways of acquiring Portuguese nationality.

And, Portuguese nationality by attribution is original. This means that the person concerned will be considered Portuguese from birth.

Through the attribution, the birth registration in Portugal will be made, or birth registration attributing Portuguese nationality.

The process can be done without leaving Brazil, before any Consulate. But it is usually faster when processed directly in Portugal, at the Conservatória dos Registos Central.

As we said above, it is important to remember that there cannot be any errors in the Certificates to be presented and all data must match. The names that appear in the affiliation, the dates, must be the same.

Unfortunately, it is common to have errors in some Brazilian documents, when the Portuguese name was spelled wrong or something similar.

In this case, it will be necessary to have a registration rectification procedure, which can be administrative and judicial, depending on the case.

In addition, there is a very important procedure to be done and which we have already talked about here on the Blog: the transcription of the parents' marriage to Portugal.

So, if the interested party's parents were married in Brazil, it will be necessary to register the marriage before Portugal.

Another important information is that your Portuguese parent's Citizen Card, which is like the RG in Portugal, must be up-to-date.

And, if the father or mother, who is a Portuguese citizen, is already deceased, the Death Certificate must also be transcribed so that this record appears in Portugal.

Remember these prior procedures, which will be necessary for your request to be granted quickly and without problem.

Portuguese Citizenship for an Adult Child: Is it Possible?

Today it is possible for a child of legal age to obtain Portuguese citizenship as a child of Portuguese, provided that the Portuguese is the declarant on the child's birth certificate.

For this, it is necessary for the grandson of the Portuguese to carry out the conversion of Portuguese nationality (convolation) and thus transmitted to the children of legal age

Documents for Portuguese Citizenship for Children: Which ones are Required?

If the interested party is still a minor, their parents must present documents. If you have already reached the age of majority, you can present the documentation, remembering that in both cases this can be done by a proxy and/or lawyer.

Underage Child

To apply for Portuguese citizenship for a child who is a minor; the following documents will be required:

Application completed and signed by the parents in person, if they do not constitute a lawyer;

Birth certificate in full for the minor applicant, issued less than one year ago and apostilled;

Certified and apostilled copy of the child's photo identification document (RG) issued less than 10 years ago, and the original must be presented on the scheduled day;

Birth Certificate by photocopying the birth registration book of the minor applicant, issued less than one year ago and duly apostilled;

Simple Birth Certificate of the Brazilian parent, that is, the father or mother of the non-Portuguese minor. If both parents of the minor are Portuguese, disregard this item. Remember that the certificate must have been issued less than a year ago and must be properly apostilled;

Proof of Residence in the name of one of the applicant's parents (telephone, water or electricity bill). (In the case of presentation at the Consulate, which must include a sealed envelope for later return of documents. This address must be the same as the one on the envelope. Without this receipt, the process will be returned);

Original and valid identity documents of both parents of the applicant, to be presented on the day of the appointment (Citizen Card of the person who is a Portuguese citizen, and RG of the other parent, if only a Brazilian citizen).

Adult child

Seat of Portuguese

Digitized birth certificate (apostilled)

Reprographic birth certificate (apostilled)

Copy of photo document (apostilled)

Postal order, paid.

Portuguese Citizenship for Adopted Children

There is the possibility of obtaining Portuguese citizenship as a child adopted by A Portuguese citizen, provided that the adoption takes place in full, where the child is considered a legitimate child. If the process takes place abroad, the foreign approval of the adoption must be made before the Portuguese court.

However, in order for dual citizenship to be considered, the child must have been adopted when the child was underage, and a link to the Portuguese community must be proven.

Citizenship for Children of Brazillians Naturalized Portuguese

There are many cases in which Portuguese citizenship for children of foreigners is not obtained from generation to generation, but acquired through naturalization.

So, if you are Brazilian and acquired Portuguese citizenship for the time of Residence in Portugal, or because you married to Portuguese, you have become naturalized.

In addition, if you acquired Portuguese nationality as a descendant of a Sephardic Jew, the procedure was also that of naturalization. And, before 2017, grandchildren who acquired Portuguese nationality were also naturalized.

It is necessary to know that Portuguese citizenship can be obtained by attribution or acquisition. Naturalization is a way of a acquiring derived nationality. The act will take effect from the moment the nationality is granted.

So, the interested party is only Portuguese from a certain date, while with the attribution it is as if they had always been Portuguese, having an original nationality.

The practical effects of this are that those who have become naturalized can only transmit Portuguese citizenship to underage children. This is a very important detail!

What is the Cost of the Procedure and How Long Does it Take?

According to information from the Consulate General of Portugal in São Paulo, the nationality procedure costs R$ 60.00( sixty reais) for minors, while it costs R$ 1,097.45 for those who have reached the age of majority.

After receiving the documents and if everything is correct, the process is forwarded to the birth registration in Portugal. In other words, the "birth certificate" of the applicant will be carried out and, later, the documents in the Portuguese civil registration system (SIRIC) will be scanned.

Once this is done, the process goes to "Waiting for integration" status. At that moment, the approval and integration of the birth certificate must be awaited, which is done by the Conservatória dos Registos Centrais, in Lisbon.

When the Registry integrates the record, the interested party receives the information by letter. From there, you can carry out the procedures for issuing your Citizen's Card and, after that, your passport.

The process can lost from 6 to 8 months (deadline of the Consulate of Portugal), remembering that this time may vary depending on the case.

What is Also Important to Know about Portuguese Citizenship for a Child

It is worth remembering that, contrary to what is openly said, it is not possible to take away Portuguese citizenship for a child or prove ties to Portugal through the Portuguese surname.

However, Portuguese nationality can be transmitted successively, through all generations. And you, even if you are the great-grandson or grandson of a Portuguese emigrant, can have Portuguese citizenship for child, if your parent does the procedure beforehand.

Remember that if you or your parent acquired Portuguese citizenship through naturalization, you can only pass it on to your minor children.

Likewise, for those who acquired Portuguese citizenship as a grandchild under the old law, it was previously not possible to pass it on to their adult children.

But, it is possible to do the convolation procedure to change the type of nationality. This is because today grandchildren have the right to their original nationality and can pass it on to minor and older children as well.

In addition, it is important to remember that in order to apply for Portuguese citizenship for a child, the civil registration of your Portuguese parent must be up-to-date. This includes a valid Portuguese identity card, as well as the transcription of marriage and death records, if applicable.

Also remember that there can be no errors in names, dates,etc. Thus, as the Consulate warns, there can be no descrepancies in the names on the certificates, and the correct names of Portuguese citizens are those that appear on the Portuguese certificates. If there are differences in names, the process will be rejected by the Conservatory.

Therefore, it is important to correct all discrepancies before formalizing your order.

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