Golden Visa Portugal for Real Estate Investment: See All the Requirements

Golden Visa Portugal for Real Estate Investment: See All the Requirements

Golden Visa Portugal for Real Estate Investment: See All the Requirements
Golden Visa Portugal for Real Estate Investment: See All the Requirements

Many Brazilians have already benefited from the Golden Visa Portugal for real estate investment, enjoying the advantages that only this Residence Permit offers.

And, among the planned modalities, real estate investment continues to be the most sought after.

But, you need to know all the details to ensure the possibility of applying for the Golden Visa Portugal for real estate investment and what new rules will happen soon. You may also be interested in article Rental Price in Portugal: Value of the Main Cities.

What is the Golden Visa Portugal for Real Estate Investment?

We know that the Golden Visa Portugal was created a few years ago to raise funds and investors for the country.

And the measure worked, because many foreigners from outside the European Union have already applied for the so-called Golden Visa.

Thus, in practice, the Golden Visa occurs through the granting of a special Residence Permit for those who have invested in Portugal.

And the Golden Visa for real estate investment in Portugal is the most sought after modality by Brazilians.

When acquiring real estate in the country, with some value requirements, for example, the applicant will be entitled to a residence permit.

Those who invest in real estate and receive the Golden Visa for Portugal will be able to enjoy some privileges, such is entering the country without a Visa. 

Therefore, the Residence Permit for Investment can be requested directly in Portugal, skipping that step at the Consulate. But, there are many advantages, as we will see here.

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Who can Apply for the Golden Visa Portugal?

The Golden Visa Portugal program consists of granting a Residence Permit to anyone who invest in the country.

As we have seen, it is possible for the interested party to arrive in Portugal without a visa, make the investment and then apply for the respective Residence Permit.

But in order to obtain it, citizens of third States must carry out one of the types of investments provided for in Portuguese Law.

We can mention the transfer of capital, investment in capital funds or the purchase of real estate, but there are other modalities as well.

Depending on the type of investment, the procedure will take place in a certain way and the requirements may also change.

However, it is always relevant that the required financial resources are available in Portugal and remain for a period of 5 years.

In addition, the holder may even maintain residence in another country, because the time required to stay in Portugal is very short.

And, after five years, there will be the possibility of acquiring Portuguese nationality through residency, even if the investor has not actually moved to Portugal.

What are the Values of the Golden Visa Portugal for Real Estate Investment?

Undoubtedly, the type of investment that became more popular was real estate. In fact, this modality means that someone who buys one or more properties in Portugal can guarantee their Gold Visa.

Purchase of real estate with the value equal to or greater than 500 thousand euros;

Acquisition of properties to be rehabilitated (over 30 years old or located in urban rehabilitation areas) in the minimum amount of 350 thousand euros;

It is necessary to respect the rules and the minimum investment value for new properties, which is at least 500 thousand euros. The good news is that this amount can be spent on more than one property. And the amount that exceeds this minimum can also be financed.

Thus, you can buy several properties that add up to this amount, guaranteeing your Golden Visa Portugal for real estate investment. This ends up being a good investment opportunity, not least because the properties can be later rented, for example.

But, real estate investing is also possible in another way. The legislation allows investment of at least 350 thousand Euros in properties to be rehabilitated, over 30 years old. In fact, few know that the Golden Visa for real estate covers more possibilities.

What are the Golden Visa Portugal Requirements for Real Estate?

For the Golden Visa, there will be an obligation to stay in Portugal for a period of not less than 7 days in the first year. In the following years, the period cannot be less than 14 days.

But, just imagine the advantage of not actually needing to move to Portugal, being able to stay in Brazil, but having a residence permit in Europe. This means having free movement with in the Schengen Area.

In addition, the investor will already be counting the time to acquire Portuguese nationality through residency after 5 years, complying with the other requirements of the Nationality Law.

Another requirement of the Golden Visa Portugal for real investment is the minimum amount to be invested, which must come from the visa applicant or from a sole proprietorship company comprising by him. In addition, such an investment must be maintained for 5 years, as we said.

Likewise, the interested party cannot have certain criminal records, and must attach all valid documentation, with the payment of all necessary fees.

What are the Advantages of Acquiring the Golden Visa for Real Estate Investment?

Since the Golden Visa Portugal requires a higher investment, why not apply instead for another type of Visa, such as own income?

Other residence permit require the person concerned to be in Portugal much longer, not being able to be absent for more than 6 consecutive months or 8 interpolated months.

So this, is a great advantage for investors, for those who want to buy real estate in Portugal and not necessarily spend a lot of time in the country. In addition, the real estate and tourism market continues to grow.

Another advantage is being able to extend this residence permit to family members. Thus, after 5 years everyone could acquire Portuguese nationality through residency, of course, fulfilling the other requirements of the Nationality Law.

Changes to the Golden Visa Rules for Real Estate Investment in Portugal

Now let's see the recent approved changes. All those interested in the Golden Visa for real estate investment need to know that the degree law was approved based on the authorization to modify the Regime contained in the State Budget for 2020.

This modification was intended to favor the promotion of foreign investment in low-density regions.

In other words, the objective was to take the focus away from the big cities of Porto, Lisbon and the mainland coast, which until then were the most sought after, but which are already saturated. And we know that the interior of Portugal is still relatively unpopulated.

What has Changed in 2022 in Golden Visa Portugal for Real Estate Investment?

The acquisition of real estate has not changed in the amount required, in the city of water lesson and the Portuguese coast are no longer accepted, except for the Azores and Madeira Island.

Now, based on this recently approved decree, the new envisaged regime will come into force on January 1, 2022. However, residence permits already granted are excluded, as are those who file applications in 2021.

Is it worth investing in Golden Visa Portugal for Real Estate Investment?

As we have seen, the Golden Visa refers to the granting of residence to non-EU foreigners who invest in Portugal.

They can enjoy numerous advantages, including family reunification and free movement within the Schengen Area (26 European countries)

We cannot fail to mention the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence in Portugal and even acquiring Portuguese Nationality.

Futhermore, this necessarily occurs without spending a lot of time in Portugal, although the Golden Visa for real estate investment also guarantees the possibility of residing and working in the country.

However, the process of carrying out the investment, as well as formalizing the application for residency before the SEF is complex and requires rigorous analysis by this body. Often, the request is denied for not meeting basic requirements.

Therefore, it is always important that the candidate for the Gold Portugal Visa for real estate investment has the proper professional support.

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