Rental Price in Portugal: Value of the Main Cities in 2022

Rental Price in Portugal: Value of the Main Cities in 2022

Rental Price in Portugal: Value of the Main Cities in 2022

Are you thinking about moving to Portuguese lands in 2022? So, one of the first things to look for is the rental price in Portugal.

This is the account that will weigh the most on your pocket and a factor that presents a great variation throughout the Portuguese territory, which can directly influence the choice of the city where you will live.

Although the values have suffered a drop due to the pandemic - from 5.8% at the end of 2021 compared to 2020, and 18.1% compared to 2019 according to Imovirtual - the rental price in Portugal accumulates a large increase in last decade, with an overevaluation of real estate. Therefore, it is important to evaluate and research the subject very well.

In today's article, we explain some criteria that you need to know before starting your search for the ideal property. And, of course, we also talk about the price of rent in Portugal in the main cities of the country. checkout! You might be interested in this article Portuguese Citizenship for a Child of Portuguese: How to Apply?

Portugal Rental Price Guide

Before you start looking for a rental price in Portugal, it is important to understand how the rental market works in the country. That is, what influences these values, what documentation is needed, among other details. That's why we have gathered some of the most important information below.

What Influences the Rental Price in Portugal?

The values for properties in the country will depend on the characteristics of the property, such as how long ago it was built, its state of conservation, if it charged any recent renovation of modernization.

In addition, the rental price in Portugal also varies by location. After all, there are cities where demand is greater than others and places with more infrastructure around (supermarkets, pharmacies, schools, hospitals, transport, etc) than others.

In Lisbon it is very likely that you will find higher values, since the interior of the country is usually more affordable, but the job offer may also be lower.

Another important item that can change the rental value in Portugal is whether the property is furnished or not, as the owner must also count on the wear and tear of the furniture, which is natural from use. It is very common to rent already furnished properties, including utensils and appliances.

Finally, the space offered and the number of rooms also influence the rental price in Portugal. The more rooms, the more expensive. Houses also tend to be more expensive than apartments in the same location, as they usually have outdoor areas.

What Do I Need to Rent a Property in Portugal?

Renting in Portugal has its particularities, but overall, it is very simple. The contracts are usually for one year and to rent in apartment in Portugal it will be necessary to have a NIF (Tax Identification Number), equivalent to the CPF and Brazil

It is also common for owners to ask for a Portuguese guarantor. But calm down! The guarantor can often be replaced by an advance payment of rent installments and a security deposit. This is for the apartment owner to have the peace of mind that he will be financially protected in the event that the tenant leaves the property before the end of the contract or in the event of any type of damage.

The rents to be advance very according to the real estate company, the owner and the degree of security that the lessee is able to pass. The more you can prove that you are a reputable person, that you are in the country correctly and that you have the financial means to cover rent expenses, the lower the amounts required will be.

These values are usually between 2 and 6 rents, so prepare a financial reserve before looking for apartments or houses for rent.

How is the Nomenclature of Properties in Portugal?

Perhaps the first scare in your search is the terms used on sale and rent sites in Portugal.

To rent means to lease, that is, the rent is usually called the lease. In addition, the way properties are named according to the number of rooms offered is something new for Brazilians. For example:

T0: unique environment, no rooms. Like a kitchenette or studio.

T1: has only one bedroom

T2: has two bedrooms

T3: has three bedrooms

+1: when the +1 symbol appears next to the nomenclatures, as in a "T1+1", it means that there is a room that can be turned into a bedroom as well. Typically, this extra room is smaller than the others and has on windows.

Quite Different Isn't it?

The buildings in Portugal are also usually lower than in Brazil and when they are older, they usually do not have an elevator, as well as a parking space. If they do, they tend to make the values more expensive.

And if by chance you read ground floor, don't be alarmed! It means that the property is on the ground floor. Already collection, it means that the property has a deposit.

Prices of a Furnished or Unfurnished Property in Portugal

Renting a property with or without furniture is a decision that varies according to your financial condition and your plans for the future.

The rental price in Portugal can be more expensive when the apartment is furnished. Also, if it comes with furniture, you'll have to live with the decor that doesn't look like you.

Another point is that there are very cheap furniture stores in Portugal and with many possibilities, such as IKEA and Casa. That is, if you intend to rent an apartment for the long-term, it may be worth buying your own furniture.

On the other hand, if you still don't know where you want to live and are still experimenting with the locations, the ideal is to rent a property that is already furnished so that you don't have these extra costs and don't even have items that won't fit in a new place later.

It is worth researching the rental values in Portugal and knowing how to negotiate with the owner if you need to buy or exchange any furniture or utensil.

Rental Price in Portugal in 2022: Check the Values From North to South

North Region

Rent Price in Porto

Porto is the second largest city in the country and is located in the Northern region. The price to rent a T1 apartment there is around €600. T2, with more space and rooms, is usually found for €800. Finally, in 2-bedroom houses, the number of options drops considerably compared to apartments and prices are around €1700.

Rental Price in Braga

Braga is also in the north of the country and has almost 200 thousand inhabitants. It is a good option for those who want to a bigger city, but cheaper than Lisbon and Porto. There, you can find 1-bedroom apartment (T1) from €450. The T2 are around €650 and the 2-bedroom houses from €800 onwards.

Rent Price in Vila Nova de Gaia

Located on the opposite bank of the Doura River, Vila Nova de Gaia is connected to Porto by 6 bridges, including the famous D. Luis I, where the subway crosses. A T1 in this location can be found from €450. 2-bedroom apartments cost around €650.

Central Region

Rent Price in a Aveiro

In Aveiro, in the center of the country, it is possible to find a T1 apartment for €550. The two-bedrooms cost €750 per month on average. Finding a house is much more difficult, but it can still be worth it, given that this is a coastal region.

Coimbra Rental Price

Coimbra, also in the center of the country, is a young and university city, with a lot of life on the streets and quite lively. There, rent for one-bedroom apartments are around €500. T2 apartments cost an average of €625 per month.

Metropolitan Region of Lisbon and Alentejo

Lisbon Rental Price

The rental price in Portugal has the biggest variation in the capital, Lisbon. Despite the considerable increase in prices in recent years due to greater demand, it is possible to find T1 apartments from €500 - attention, with a very small internal area, about 30m². The T2 are around €680. Always remembering: the better the location, the higher the cost, so research a lot to see what really fits your budget, considering transportation and other important issues.

Rent Price in Almada

For those who want to be close to Lisbon, but without paying the rental price of the Portuguese capital, Almada is a great option: it takes about 25 minutes by car or 1 hour by public transport to cross the bridge and reach this city on the South Bank of the Tagus.

In addition to this advantage, Almada is also a good idea for beach lovers. After all, the city is right next to Costa da Caparica, where there is no shortage of alternatives for a day under the sun. On average, a T1 apartment costs €580, while a 2-bedroom apartment costs approximately €650.

Rent Price in Cascais

On the edge of the beach, close to Lisbon, with a good transport scheme and several policies to make the city smarter and more sustainable, Cascais is a charming village with many new developments.

All these characteristics make the rental price in Portugal in this area high. A one bedroom apartment is usually found for €680. T2 are around €900. Houses have a huge price range, ranging from €2000 to €5000 per month, depending on size, furniture and, of course, location.

Rent Price in Sintra

Sintra is a pleasant town in a mountainous area close to the capital, Lisbon, with easy access.

There, you can find a T1 for €575. For two bedroom apartments, prices start at €650. Finally, for those who would like to live in a T2 house, in Sintra it is possible to find them between €750 and €1300 per month.

Rent Price in Setubal

Living near the beach and Lisbon? If you choose Setubal this is possible. A T1 apartment has monthly values around €500. The 2-bedroom apartments are around €630. To live in a house in the T2 typology, it is necessary to pay approximately €800.

Rental Price in Oeiras

We can say that Oeiras is halfway between Lisbon and Cascais. In this coastal area, with good access to public transport and ease of movement, it is possible to find T1 apartments from €600. With €700 you can rent a 2-bedroom apartment. T2 houses have an average price of €1200.

Evora Rental Price

Also known for the famous University and for its historical wealth, Evora located in South-Central Portugal, in the Alentejo. The T1 apartment costs on average €550, and the T2, €800. For a house with 3-bedrooms, you have to pay approximately €1200 monthly.

Algarve Region

In the south of the country, you will find quieter, smaller cities, stunning beaches and a calmer routine, with a lot of quality of life. 

Faro Rental Price

Faro has an international airport and is one of the cities in the south with the greatest infrastructure. And even so, the capital of the Algarve has an impressively low rental price in Portugal, compared to other regions of the country.

Interestingly, there is little difference in the initial value between the typologies. For example, you can find a T1 apartment from €600, a T2 from €650 onwards and a T3 from €750. The villas also vary widely: from €650 to €3500 with a maximum of three bedrooms.

Rent in Portimão

About 70 km away from Faro, Portimão is also a good option for those looking for a cheaper rental in Portugal.

There, at T1 costs, on average, €500. Two-bedroom apartments start at €600. Now, if the idea is to live in a house, get ready to spend around €1000 on a T2 typology.

Rental Price in Albufeira

It is possible to find a T1 apartment in Albufeira from €500 and a T2 apartment for an average of €780. To live in a two bedroom house, you have to pay between €900 and €1500 per month.

So, were you able to decide where you would like to live based on the rental price in Portugal? If you still have doubts about your move to Portuguese lands, schedule your time for immigration consultancy and understand what are the best options for your case.

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