Requirements for Renewing a Residence Permit in Portugal

Requirements for Renewing a Residence Permit in Portugal

Requirements for Renewing a Residence Permit in Portugal
Requirements for Renewing a Residence Permit in Portugal

When it comes time to renew a residence permit in Portugal, many people are in doubt about what documents must be presented, what needs to be done and how to guarantee that the renewal will be approved.

Here we are going to talk about some tips that can be followed when applying for a residence permit renewal in Portugal. You might be interested in article Portuguese Citizenship for Great-grandson in 2022: Is it Possible to Acquire It?

What is the Residence Permit in Portugal and What Types?

Let's start at the beginning, if you intend to reside in Portugal, being a Brazilian citizen, you will first need a visa, to be able to enter the country and arriving there, you will have to go to the SEF - Servi├žo de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, to ask for the your residence permit.

In Portugal, there are two types of Residence Permit:

  • Temporary residence permit - which is the first document that is issued when you go to live in Portugal and it has this name, as it has a specific validity period (between 2 and 5 years, depending on the situation) and needs to be renewed when the its due date.
  • Permanent residence permit - the permanent one is issued when, after 5 years of legal residence in Portugal, you maintain the intention to continue residing. This type of document does not have an expiration date, but an expiration date (like the expiration date of a passport, for example).

Currently, the most common types of residence permit that are issued in Portugal to Brazilians are those that originate from the following visas.
  • Student Visa (D4 and D5) - Residence permit for students;
  • Work Visa (D1, D3 and Tech Visa) - Residence permit for professional activity;
  • Family Reunification Visa (D6) - Residence permit for family reunification purposes;
  • Income Visa (D7) - Residence permit for investors and retirees;
  • Entrepreneur Visa (D2 and Startup Visa) - Residence permit for entrepreneurs.

Well, with everything in hand, let's talk now about what is necessary for the renewal of the residence permit in Portugal, already thinking about the future.

When to Apply for Renewal of the Residence Permit in Portugal

The main tip here is to respect the deadlines, that is, check the expiration date on your card and, at least 30 days before its expiration date, schedule your renewal request with the SEF.

After 2020, the SEF made available the possibility of automatic renewal of the residence permit, making the process much simpler and faster, since everything can be done online.

Joy, however, is not for everyone and for some modalities automatic renewal is not allowed, such as:
  • Students and volunteer workers;
  • Highly qualified professionals;
  • Households of Europeans (Residence Card Holder);
  • Holders of residence permit for investment activity.

For all of the above, the renewal of the residence permit in Portugal must be done through an online appointment and you must go to a SEF service desk, because for these situations, it is necessary to prove the status that gave rise to your residence permit.

What Documents are Required for the Renewal of the Residence Permit in Portugal?

Each type of residence permit may require specific documents for renewal to be possible, however, in general, the following documents are required in all situations:
  • Two identical photographs, passport type, in color and plain background, up-to-date and with good identification conditions (if the appointment is made at the SEF service post in Odivelas, Aveiro or Braga);
  • Residence permit valid or expired up to 6 months;
  • Passport or other valid travel document;
  • Proof of means of subsistence, as provided for in Ordinance No. 1563/2007;
  • Proof that you have accommodation, namely by presenting a certificate of residence issued by the Parish Council of the area of Residence; or lease agreement registered with the Tax Authority and last income receipt; or contract of purchase and sale or registration of property ownership;
  • Authorisation to consult the Portuguese criminal record by the SEF (except for minors under 16);
  • Proof of regularized tax status, when applicable;
  • Proof of the regularity of the situation with social security, when applicable.

But, as we said that there are specific documents for each type of residence permit, let's get to the details!

Renewal of the Residence Permit to Exercise a Professional Activity

Those who are in Portugal and work as a subordinate or self-employed, in addition to the documents listed above, must also present the following documents to justify the renewal of their residence permit in Portugal:
  • In the case of subordinate work - a statement from the employer confirming the maintenance of the employment relationship or a new employment contract.
  • In the case of self-employed - Declaration of income and service provision contract or request for verification of the IRS declaration with the tax administration, in order to certify the maintenance of activity and prove that you have sufficient income to live in Portugal, a minimum monthly income of one Portuguese minimum wage is usually required.
  • In the case of highly qualified activity - professionals who are in Portugal with the Blue Card, they must also present specific documents that prove the maintenance of the initial conditions that guaranteed them the first document.

Renewal of the Residence Permit for Entrepreneurs

For those who went to Portugal to undertake with the D2 Visa or Startup Visa, for the renewal of the residence permit, in addition to the above documents, it is also important to present a document that demonstrates the maintenance of the entrepreneurial project through:
  • IAPMEI Declaration - which confirms that your enterprise is active,
  • In the case of a Startup, you can present the contract that proves the maintenance of incubation with a certified incubator, under the terms of Ordinance No. 344/2017, of 11/13.

Renewal of the Residence Permit for Investors and Retirees

In addition to the documents mentioned above, those who went to Portugal to live on income (D7 Visa), when renewing their residence permit, must also present documents that prove their financial situation.

As there are several possibilities to live from investments in Portugal, it will depend on how you obtained your first residence permit. Thus, depending on the type of income you receive, you will have to present a specific list of documents.

The idea is to make sure that your situation is the same and that you will have no problems renewing your residence permit.

Renewal of the Residence Permit for Students

If you went to Portugal to study, possibly after 2 years, if you have not yet completed your studies, you will have to apply for the renewal of your residence permit in Portugal.

For students, in addition to the basic list of documents above, it will also be necessary to present some specific documents, such as:
  • Enrollment document in a higher education institution;
  • Proof of payment of tuition fees required by the higher education institution, if applicable, to be certified by means of a statement from the educational institution;
  • Proof of school activity, to be certified by means of a statement from the educational institution.

If the student finishes his course and finds a job, for example, when renewing his residence permit, the person can also get it through the renewal procedure adopted for subordinate or self-employed workers.

Renewal of Authorization in a Situation of Family Reunification

For this type of renewal, the main difference in the documentation that must be presented is that, in addition to the documents listed above, it is necessary to present documents that prove the family ties that generated the first document.

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